What I hope to convey through my art…

It is very important to me that you know I feel a great sadness when I handle the bodies and bones that once were a part of the animals I use in my work. It is a heavy process. I imagine the lives of these animals I find, and my hope is that wherever they may be now, they might appreciate my intentions. I hope to bridge the gap between the lives of humans and the wild.

The art that I make allows me to connect with the animals who exist around me. I touch, examine, and experience their physicality, and am reminded of the fact that they too are living creatures deserving of respect and love.  By transforming their evicted bodies, I hope to enhance the awareness of and connection to all souls who briefly share this planet.

A bone reminds us of death, reminds us of life.  I hope then to share my art as a link between all beings.  A reminder that we are built from bone and hope, and are mortal, and share this Earth with other hopeful mortal beings.

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